Virtual servers

Host your services on virtual machines. It's easy to set up, change resources, monitor, network, or back up. Simple!

Setting up virtual machines

Learn how to get up and running, in 3 minutes using just a few clicks.

Full API support.

Create, delete, manage, automate, backup, or change resources. Everything you can do in self-service but more.

API documentation

Good to know virtual machines are more than that. We give you monitoring, snapshots, backups, a simple way to manage resources, and much more.

Only yours virtual servers are not using a shared kernel. Means, nobody else can affect your server performance.

Virtual Console - VNC

Closed port 80? No problem. gives you access to the virtual console that uses a different path to access your virtual server.

SSH access

Create a virtual machine with SSH keys.

Plain and simple pricing

Unlike any other "Pay-as-you-go" model, pricing is made of only static components, our users can predict.

Save costs up to 40%.

Sometimes your servers don't need to run 24/7 or there are exceptions of resource usage. In, users can change resource usage at any point in time, even automate to turn server down at nighttime.

Static IP-address

Each machine in has its own public IP address. Public IP addresses can easily be removed, stored, or changed.

Local network

Every user has a local network, enabling users to build more complex IT solutions.

Snapshots help You out.

During major updates or releases, things can go south. For that, we have snapshots, that enable you to make a full copy of your VM before updates.

Built-in monitors

We equip every VM with a simple monitor you can check out in the UI. It gives you a clear and straightforward overview of how your PC utilizes your resources.

Change resources when needed

The toolset enables you to change all resources (vCPU, RAM, DISK) when needed, as needed.

Built-in backup tool

We have a built-in a solution for you to backup your VM, if needed. Backups will be made once a week, and a total of 4 backups kept.

Come and go as you wish holds no term obligations. Use services however way you want, even if it's half a day.

Clients who use us

Väino Reintamme

First, fulfills Esecom's criteria for providing the service. However, there are special benefits to be gained, and will reduce Esecom's work. Customers who previously came to previous solutions can launch the Esecom API at the touch of a button.

Jonas Kiiver

We can sleep at night. Plus knowing that your data is protected, it is in a safe place and close to you - in Estonia! They are nowhere behind the sea and in a status where you never know if and how you can access them and who you can talk to at all… The fact that is right here at home is a huge advantage. You will always call and get help quickly. Peaceful sleep is what we get.

Ready to assist

In addition to our existing self-service platform and it’s tools, one can always ask help from our technical team. If it’s about infrastructure, we can manage, set-up, migrate as needed.

Migration and setup

Ready made solutions

Database management

Full service and IT management

Full list of services and solutions where we can help is listed here. If you can provide something to our customers, check here!

— or —

Hinnastamine’s puuduvad peidetud kulud ja kahtlased tasud. Kasutame “maksa-nagu-kasutad” mudelit. Tasu arvestatakse ainult ressursilt, mida parasjagu kasutad (tunniajalise täpsusega).

3.80€ tk/kuus

2.40€ tk/kuus

SSD Ketas



*Juhul kui andmekeskusest välja minevate andmete liiklus ületab 15TB ja teenuste kasutamise maht on alla piirmäära, lepitakse kokku liiklustasu tariif.


0.5 GB
20 GB
0 GB
Kuutasu: 6

Create what you need

We decided to help you out with a few example solutions that you can build on

Simple Ubuntu server to run as a load balancer.

1 CPU, 0.5GB RAM

6 eur/month

Magento e-shop to run
your business.


22 eur/month

Powerful Wordpress blog.


10 eur/month

Kubernetes cluster built on

12 CPU, 24GB RAM

132 eur/month

Private way to store your files
in cloud.

20GB DISK + 500GB S3

23 eur/month

NB! does not charge monthly fees. All Costs are calculated hourly and displayed are for indication.

Made for companies

Perfect location for business in baltic.


The company behind is Astrec Data OÜ. Located in Estonia, with more than 200 years of combined experience in IT infrastructure and management.

Location servers are located in Estonia, Jõhvi. Tallinn will be added soon. We also provide direct connections with Helsinki, Petersburg and Köln.

Maximum reliability

Our whole infrastructure is doubled with gas extinguishing systems, generators, 24/7 security, reinforced structure and so on. Guaranteed uptime the whole year around 99,6%.

Privacy & Security follows GDPR guidelines. Our data centres are also ISKE-M and PCI-DSS compliant, ready to host even the most demanding users.

Let’s start?

Creating an account is free for testing purposes, every new account gets 30 eur free credit.