This is our story

This is our story

You have probably heard about global cloud providers like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. Before, we were one of the service providers who distributed their services in addition to our colocation and hosting services. At this time, global providers had the only reasonable solution for developers or sensitive companies who needed either reliable infrastructure or tools to create and delete virtual machines as needed.

What changed?

In addition to great tools and functionality, we also identified that global providers lacked in other departments. Huge companies who can afford specific platform experts and require a global presence in multiple locations with extreme redundancy, there is nothing like a global provider. But for the segment which also calculated costs against risks, didn’t need to have multiple datacenter locations and didn’t really want to hire a special expert to get started, global providers were a bit too much.


We saw an opening and decided to meet the needs. So, over 2016-17 we started planning how to create a platform and company that can fill the gaps. To have instant personal support coupled with an easy to use platform, and reasonable, easy to understand pricing. In 2018, we made our first “silent” launch, attracting first our customers that were willing to test our platform. Those customers are still with us.


Today we are providing rock-solid solutions to our customers, simple to use services that pack tools that make every sysadmin life a lot easier. Also, we are still adding new features and do not plan to stop any time soon. Our goal is to keep our platform as simple and customer-friendly as possible, but at the same time provide a wide range of services for any IT needs a company might have.

Team is the Astrec Data OÜ brand. The company is managed and supported by Karu Kiisler (CEO), Marek Kiisa, Stiina Lehti, and Sven Reppo. The project is run by 22 people, where 8 of them maintain a datacenter in Jõhvi, 10 on the platform, and 4 on sales, marketing, and company management. The combined age is ~40 years old and combined experience in IT, 20+ years.


Let’s start?

Creating an account is free for testing purposes, every new account gets 30 eur free credit.